Our Story

Hi my name is Ken Telmo, I'm an aspiring Internet Entrepreneur and a dreamer.

Back in 2009 after I graduated in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde,

I couldn’t get a job in my degree, I wasn’t the creatively-gifted, abled post-grad that could have landed a decent creative profession so easily, so after four months of searching creative design related work in Metro-Manila, I then decided to look for work on the internet. After weeks of trying, I eventually found a couple of jobs that involved WordPress development. WordPress eventually led me to learn the other CMS platforms and the basic language foundations in web design and development such as:

There was something about in web design that tickled my curiosity and imagination.

I was in awe in this kind of technology, where something I wrote and coded in my computer, was then somehow able to translate and become an interactive medium of information to people. Years later, after working for various online employers and freelance project based clients, I was able to accomplish:

Freelancing Days
Cups of coffee

I’ve polished up, absorbed and learned a sufficient (but continuously growing) amount of the ins and outs of the internet industry.

This gave me an idea to recruit & assemble a small but gifted and creative team...

…that could help me build a dependable brand of service which will provide the best internet solutions my clients need.

Thus, Telmo Solutions is born. 🙂

Now, I could tell you more details on how we began, but I honestly don’t have much to tell you yet… …for now, this story is to be continued. 😉

Want to work with us?

We can foresee a great collaboration here. Interesting projects await you! Telmo Solutions is currently accepting in-house freelance programmers & creatives, OJT students and interns. For applications please send your your CV & portfolio at [email protected] For questions & queries please fill-up the form below and reach us!

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